Financial Policy

This is a concierge practice which means that there is a yearly charge assessed to patients who wish to be seen here.  More information is available in the “concierge” section, but briefly, simply allows a patient to be seen in the practice—it does not confer any special privileges nor does it allow a patient not to follow the policies and procedures that are in place.  No unique access is implied by the concierge fee.  This practice model enables us to see a reduced number of patients overall and allows for fewer patient appointments scheduled each day.  This in turn allows for more time to be allotted to each patient visit.

The yearly concierge fee is $1500.  Annual payments are administratively easier for us and we discount the fee to $1300 for those who wise to make a yearly payment.  If paying semi-annually is a better option for some patients, the fee is $700 paid every six months, for a total of $1400 annually.  For those not able to pay annually or semi-annually, quarterly payments can be made, with the following understandings:

  • A valid credit card must be on file with the practice.

  • The patient may opt for a quarterly charge for $375 to be processed on the 3rd or the 15th of the month.

  • If the card is declined, a courtesy phone call will be made but we must have a working phone number available.

  • If there is a second declination, and a patient wishes to remain part of the practice, concierge payments will need to be made semi-annually, in advance.

  • If concierge fees are not keep current, we will assist the patient in finding other practices to provide care.

  • We ask all patients to carefully consider whether this practice model is feasible for them. Being a part of a concierge practice is a financial obligation, like any other, and should not be undertaken if a person is simply not in a position to afford the associated fee. Certainly, we do not wish to be a burden on any patient, especially since bearing up under chronic pain is hard enough as it is. However, there are a number of alternatives for care in this area, and choosing another practice may to be best option for some people.