Practice Policy

This is a concierge neurology and pain practice, the concierge model being chosen in order to provide a practice that allows the time and attention that chronic pain patients, in particular require.  Please review details of concierge practice and the financial policies that result in the discussion devoted to each.  Please note the following:

  • This is a practice made up of physician and advanced practitioner (nurse practitioner/physician assistant) providers. This composition is necessary for the practice to operate. It simply would be impossible for a solo physician to manage the care burden, other than in a perfect world where all patient appointments were made three months in advance and where there were no in-between medical issues or changes in the clinical situation. Rather, we are able to deal with ever-changing patient issues and problems and manage coverage when a provider is out of the office.
  • Ideally, a patient will alternate between providers, meaning that care will be shared. No patient can or will be seen each and every visit by the same provider, whether physician or mid-level. However, there may be occasions when visits do not follow a strict rotation pattern, depending on clinical and office needs.
  • Payment of the concierge fee simply assures participation in the practice. It does NOT mean that a patient is exempted from rotatation or can have on-demand telephone or personal access to a provider. In order to provide care to scheduled patients, we try to keep interruptions to a minimal level.
  • We strive to run on time but cannot guarantee this, and the reason is simple.  We are not assembling cars but are caring for people. There are very often new or additional problems that come up during an office visit and these will be dealt with by the provider. Each patient will be given the time needed to manage concerns.  At times, this slows down the schedule and we run behind.  The only way around this is to simply HALT any particular patient visit at a cut off time and move on to the next patient, in our opinion, not a good option.
  • We strive to treat our patients with respect and ask the same in return. Rudeness or abusiveness to any of our staff, front office/reception, nursing, clerical or clinical staff will not be tolerated and mmay lead to dismissal from the practice.
  • We expect our patients to have read the various information sections of this practice, specifically the Controlled Substances Agreement, the Concierge Practice explanation, the Pharmacy and Pre-Authorizations Policy and the Financial policy.  Failure to abide to these agreed-upon provisions will result in dismissal from the practice.
  • We believe that we have the finest practice of this type in Eastern Virginia and are very proud of what we have created.  However, we understand that it is impossible to please everyone and understand that there may be patients who feel that their needs are not met. If so, we simply suggest that they find care elsewhere, as there are other neurology and pain practices.